Brooklyn-based start-up, Mesh Labs Inc., is changing the rules of online dating. Whether you're looking to get lucky in love or just to get lucky, Mesh’s patent-pending features make online dating the way you want it: positive, effortless, and simply better... did we also mention that it’s completely free?

Key Features

  • Automatically filters sub-par messages to a separate folder. Our patent-pending Mismatch® smart filter makes your inbox a junk-free zone. Not only does it detect vulgarity, text-speak, poor grammar/spelling, and copy-and-pasted messages, it even knows if the sender is just not your type. With sub-par messages diverted to the Mismatch folder, you can now focus on just the right matches.
  • No games here, make-it-or-break-it questions are answered upfront. Before anyone can reach out to you, they’ll need to see eye-to-eye on the important issues that you’ve based your Dealbreakers on. Cat lover seeking the same? We'll make sure that dog people won't be barking up your inbox.
  • Get the right messages from the right matches. When it comes to compatibility, the little things matter. That’s why Mesh uses every detail —from your answered questions to your Dealbreakers® to your Only Mesh Knows™ preferences and more— to find those you match best with. Pairing strict vegans with hardcore carnivores? Won’t happen here.
  • We know how to keep things on the down low. We value and respect your privacy and know that some things are best kept private. Whether you’re looking for a certain religion or appearance, a soulmate or a playmate, only Mesh has to know. And unlike the other guys, we won't connect, link or publish to your Facebook.
  • Mesh is an ad-free service, and always will be. Because if you really wanted to watch commercials, you'd watch basic cable.

Our Story

Mesh is the brainchild of a group of bright young Brooklynites, appalled by the disastrous state of online dating. As eligible singles ourselves, we’ve experienced firsthand the horror stories you’ve all heard about in our own digital love lives -creepy and sleazy messages, stalkers, overly aggressive types…just to name a few.

We knew that there must be a different way. Pooling our talents in programing, design and marketing, we’ve blazed the trail on how online dating should be done. But most importantly, to leave behind that trail, a world of happy endings.

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Press reviews


Meet Mesh, a Dating Site That Sifts Out Spammers and Harassers

... the site purportedly allows you to prevent "creepy and sleazy messages, stalkers, overly aggressive types" etc. from being people you have to reject before you get to the good stuff...


Two New Ways to Avoid Creepy Guys Online

I don't know how Mesh would prevent copy-and-paste messages, but if it can really do that, it would seriously save me 95 percent of the time I spend online dating and probably make me look at least three years younger thanks to eliminating a major source of frown lines. I'm crossing my fingers...

Time Out NY

New dating site Mesh is looking to make life easier...

But this new, crap-free site does seem to make your romantic endeavors a helluva lot easier


Mesh want to be your matchmaker app

Mesh looks fantastic, works beautifully, and comes equipped with serious innovation in dating. I’m really excited about this app and want everyone to sign up and start meshing with me.


Finally, A Dating App That Knows There Are More Than 2 Genders

....three Brooklynites were searching for the same answer, and have attempted to make online dating a not-so-horrible experience, and maybe even enjoyable.

The Washington Post

A wave of new dating sites attempts the impossible: getting rid of all the creeps

Think of it as the world’s most effective spam filter, in the world's spammiest place.

MTV News

This New Dating Site Filters Out The Creeps So You Don't Have To

Mesh is trying to change that (starting with New York City) and hopefully change online dating from being such a frustrating numbers game.

Warding Off the Creeps & Making Online Dating Better, Safer, Happier for Women

Mesh aims to give anyone who joins a pleasant, valuable dating experience, supplying not just a soulmate but a good time along the way to that happily ever after.


A Final Thought

The current crop of free mainstream dating sites are broken. User experience is abysmal at worst and entertainment at best. Creepy messages are cluttering up inboxes, while quality messages are not cutting through the junk. Mesh solves what is currently broken with the online dating formula. This means no more spam from StalkU247 for the ladies and higher response rates for the gents -a better experience for all.

While we can’t promise that we'll restore your faith in mankind, we can promise that we’ll help restore your faith in online dating, one great feature at a time.

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